I know, I know, don't tell me. This is a horrible cliche. But bare with me. Actually, it pains me to realize that most knowledge is already enthroned in common sense. As if all thoughts on a subject that you might arrive at have already been thought. A lot like treading for weeks, deep in a virgin jungle, only to arrive at the far end of a supermarket parking lot. No lost tribes, no cities of gold. Just a place you could have reached by taking a bus. It's a very comforting disappointment. But I digress.
Like Batman and Bruce Wayne, love and reason have never been seen in the same room together. Makes you wonder. Reason seems to be a consolation prize for the unloved and the unloving. A byproduct. When busy with love, the mind discards a lot of it's usual concerns in favor of a single-track line of action, as if the foot of existence has been lifted of the clutch pedal of life. Forward motion. Thought and consciousness are the noise of an engine in neutral.
Don't take me wrong, though. Most of the modern man's experience of the world happens "in neutral". Most of the achievements of Civilization are a consequence of this idleness. And what an admirable shortcoming, I may unironically add. But a shortcoming, none the less. Sexual love, being the apex predator that it is, provides a very good showcase of my point. Remember yourself solving a problem that prevents you from getting closer to your loved one, remember how any obstacle gives you a chance to display your most acutely pragmatic reasoning. The bus to her house takes too long? Are there other means of transportation? Is it quicker to walk? Caution to the wind. Fuck it. You're gonna walk there. No distance is too far. No doubt clouds your reasoning. You will either get there or collapse. These are the options available to you there and then. Forward motion. Public transportation is the brainchild of the unloved. link